CW Kellock & Co are Ship Auctioneers, Brokers and Valuers. Since the start of the global pandemic their services have been in particular demand. A part of the Eggar Forrester Group, they have been serving the shipping industry for over 200 years.


Eggar Forrester (founded 1877) and wholly owned subsidiary CW Kellock & Co (founded 1820) have been at the forefront of the international shipping market for over 200 years.

A dedicated team of experienced brokers, auctioneers and valuers have worldwide personal connections spanning several generations: they offer an unrivaled level of service in ship sales across all sectors of the maritime industry:-

  • Capesize, Kamsarmax, Panamax, Ultramax, Supramax, Handymax, Handysize and smaller bulkcarriers
  • VLCC, Suezmax, LR2, LR1, MR2, MR1, Aframax, Panamax, Products, Chemical and other tankers
  • LNG and LPG carriers
  • Container ships
  • Car carriers
  • Multipurpose, RoRo and General Cargo vessels
  • Refrigerated (reefer) vessels
  • Yachts and Super Yachts
  • Cruise ships and Passenger Ferries
  • Drillships
  • Offshore vessels
  • Research vessels
  • Tugs, Coasters and other small craft.
  • Newbuilding and Contracting
  • Secondhand Sale & Purchase
  • Projects
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Demolition and recycling
  • Valuations, appraisals and expert witness


Exclusively in our hands for sale 

  • The explorer Victor Vescovo’s unique manned submersible ‘Limiting Factor’ and the Hadal Exploration System
  • commercially certified for multiple dives to full ocean depth (“FOD”) by DNV-GL
  • support ship ‘Pressure Drop’ outfitted with Kongsberg EM124 FOD multi-beam sonar;
  • three FOD science landers;
  • ancillary support craft, equipment, and spares. 

The vessels comprise the world’s only platform for:

  • repeated deployments to FOD with minimal turnround 

The integrated platform is useable for:

  • oceanographic research,
  • archaeological discovery,
  • geological survey,
  • uncovering entirely new data in the unexplored vastness of earth’s oceans. 

The vessels:

  • ‘Limiting Factor’:

Manned submersible. Built: Triton Submarines LLC, 2018. Commercially Classed by DNV-GL. Max persons onboard: 2. Max depth unlimited. Attained depth: 10,928m (35,853 feet) at Challenger Deep.

  • Pressure Drop’:

Oceanographic research and deep diving support. Built Tacoma 1985, converted 2002, substantially refitted 2018. Flag: Marshall Is. IMO 8833867. Class ABS. LOA 68.3m, Beam 13.1m. Draft 4.6m. Main engines:  2 General Electric direct current electric motors driven by 4 Caterpillar gensets. Max 10 kts. Bow thruster 550hp. Dry & Wet Science Labs. Command & Control Centre. Retractable Submersible Hangar. 12ton A-Frame Launch & Recovery System. Kongsberg SIMRAD EM124 FOD capable Multi-Beam Echo Sounder (MBES). Three FOD capable scientific landers with sample collection, underwater navigation, and hi-definition video recording capability. Kongsberg EA640 Echo Sounder. Accommodation: 49 pax in 26 cabins. 18-20 crew. 

The vessels have successfully:

  • undertaken over 60 dives to date,
  • visited the five deepest places on the planet,
  • visited Challenger Deep (the deepest point in the oceans) fourteen times,
  • filmed and accurately mapped over one million square kilometres of ocean floor,
  • collected soil samples at depths of almost 11 km (7 miles).  

Full plans and particulars are available on request.  

Visit also for

  • expeditions undertaken,
  • historical media coverage,
  • construction technology,
  • equipment particulars,
  • mission GPS tracking, etc. 

The vessels have recently commenced a four-month programme of dives in the Western Pacific, including

  • the first-ever manned descent into the Philippine Trench,
  • exploration of the deepest naval wrecks in the world off Samar Island,
  • two additional months of scientific exploration off Western Australia.  

They will be available for delivery thereafter. 

For further particulars and permission to carry out inspection and observation, apply to the exclusive brokers: CW Kellock & Co Ltd

Phone Paul Willcox +44 7768 735634 -   

Forthcoming International Ship Auctions

CW Kellock & Co are the appointed brokers, auctioneers and valuers to the Admiralty Marshal of the Courts of Justice in England and Wales. They have recently also conducted ship auctions on behalf of judiciaries in the USA, Jamaica, Northern Ireland and Trinidad & Tobago, and have been retained for marketing by the mortgagees of ships arrested in many other jurisdictions world-wide.

Although particulars of vessels and dates of auction are given in good faith they are not guaranteed: any persons wishing to rely on them should make their own enquiries.

Admiralty Marshal Notices

CW Kellock & Co. are the appointed brokers and valuers to the Admiralty Marshal of the Courts of Justice in England and Wales.